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   Our new "TETON WINDSWEPT"® line of wood products and finishes are designed to replicate the natural western wind blown texture and patina of aged and weathered barn wood.  Utilizing all grades and specific species of lumber, including Colorado and Rocky Mountain beetle kill pine,  we offer products along with six finishes that can be used for interior or exterior applications.  Wood for any project can be "TETON WINDSWEPT"® to give an authentic look of the historic old west and yesteryear.

Pre-finished ready to install.

Low V.O.C environmental friendly finishes with no lead paint residue commonly found in old barn wood.

Excellent color retention for long lasting rich colors.

SunBlock® UV finish protects against harmful sun damage.

Controlled finish technology promoting better air quality and consistent coverage.

Limited lifetime warranty offered with a recoat every 5 years.

Six authentic colors capturing the grays, browns, and even the barn reds found in old buildings throughout the west.

Five standard wood species including Engleman Spruce-Lodge Pole Pine (ES-LPP), Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF), Cedar, Aspen and Fir.   Other wood species available on request.

Tax free status in Colorado for qualifying
ES-LPP products under the Colorado Blue Program.
Includes most standard paneling and siding patterns in 1 x 2 to 1 x 12 commons, 2 x 2 to
2 x 12 dimension and squares from 3 x 4 to
12 x 12.  Other sizes and patterns available on request.

For both exterior and interior applications. 

Finishes meet or exceed LEED and NAHB
requirements.  LEED accredited points

Cost effective alternative to the extremely high expense of unfinished reclaimed woods while providing the same old world look and charm.
Utilizing millions of acres of dead standing beetle kill timber across Colorado and the Western United States and promoting jobs.

Products include siding, paneling, soffit and facia, trim and mill work, beams, planking, stair stringers, posts, fence, furniture, doors and jambs, windows and cabinetry.


Teton-windswept-interior-paneling_Cordle-01thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-interior-paneling_Cordle-02thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-interior-paneling_Cordle-03thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-interior-paneling_Cordle-04thumbnail.jpg        Teton-windswept-cabinets_01thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-cabinets_02thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-cabinets_03thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-cabinets_04thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-cabinets_05thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-doors_01thumbnail.jpg 
Teton-windswept-siding_01-01thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_01-02thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_01-03thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_01-04thumbnail.jpg        Teton-windswept-siding_02-01thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_02-02thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_02-03thumbnail.jpg        Teton-windswept-siding_03-01thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_03-02thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_03-03thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_03-04thumbnail.jpg
Teton-windswept-siding_04-01thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_04-02thumbnail  Teton-windswept-siding_04-03thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_04-04thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_04-05thumbnail.jpg        Teton-windswept-siding_05-01thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_05-02thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_05-03thumbnail        Teton-windswept-siding_06-01thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_06-02thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_06-03thumbnail.jpg        Teton-windswept-siding_07-01thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_07-02thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_07-03thumbnail.jpg        Teton-windswept-siding_08-01thumbnail.jpg  Teton-windswept-siding_08-02thumbnail.jpg                    

Home    Products / Designs    Materials    Standards / Options    Style / Quality    About Us