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 My most requested wood species are Alder, beetle kill pine and European Beech.

Alder is a medium hardwood that comes from Oregon or Washington.  It's medium brown in color with extremely warm grain patterns and is often compared to Appalachian cherry.  It has very dark or black character knots which imparts an aged contrast to the wood.
Beetle kill pine which is also referred to as blue stain pine or denim pine is harvested mainly in the Rocky Mountain region. The Ponderosa or Lodge pole pine is usually removed as standing dead timber before being kiln dried. The pine bark beetle bores into the living tree resulting in spectacular and completely natural colors as the tree slowly dies.  These colors range from mostly blue-gray with specks of brown, red and green.  This creates wood for very distinctive products that are guaranteed to be unique.  When available we can offer 100% beetle kill pine from Colorado forests.

European or German Beech is grown in Germany's natural forests, and is sustained-yield harvested under the toughest forestry laws on earth.  It's creamy brown color is beautiful when finished with a clear top coat.  It is extremely stable, hard and durable with smooth texture and grain patterns and accepts stains well.

I will work with any wood species and grade of choice.