Tile # 1                                                           Tile # 2                                                  Tile # 3
There are the three types of formats we use in our transfer process to ceramic material.  The first tile is original artwork.  It can be in any form from the original photograph, scanned picture, painting or hand drawing, but any original medium can be used.  The tile is smooth to touch.  The second tile is line or vector art.  We carefully clean and smooth all line edges within the drawing.  The next step is to remove the ceramic material within certain "closed" islands to specific depths and hand apply each color.  This not only creates a three dimensional look and texture but also places the artwork below the original tile surface.  The body of each tile can be different so the same artwork can also look unique from tile to tile.  We call this process "ultimate sgraffito".  The third tile is also line or vector art.  Colors are applied to the individual "closed" islands but left on the tile surface.  The tile is smooth to touch.
All three formats are ultimately finished by firing in a high temperature kiln to 1900 degrees.  The art work is now permanent on the original ceramic body.  It can be placed in any indoor or outdoor environment.